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NIKON Optiphot 150S Microscope for 150mm Wafers and Masks

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The Optiphot 150S Microscope features ergonomic design, rigid construction and a CF Infinity optical system.
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Key Features

Ergonomic Design
Four erect image eyepiece body tubes are available, including tilting models. The stage control is comfortably positioned and switches easily from fine to coarse movement. For quick magnification changes the Optiphot-150 features a motorized nosepiece (not available on the Optiphot-150S).

CF Infinity Optical System
Each component of the CF system is individually corrected for aberrations, resulting in sharp and clear images. Over 40 objective lenses are available, from 1.5X to 200X.

Rigid Construction
Rigid Construction - To ensure optimum rigidity in a compact structure, CAE (computer assisted engineering) structural analysis was applied from the very onset of design.

Modular System
Many components can be added to the Optiphot-150 and Optiphot-150S. For documentation, digital and film cameras are available. The NWL-641 automated wafer loader is available for safe, contamination-free wafer handling.


  • Nosepiece:
    1) Universal Quintiuple Nosepiece; 2) BD Quintuple Nosepiece; 3) EPI Quintuple Nosepiece
  • Objectives:
    1.5x to 200x
  • Stroke:
    32mm (1.3 in.)
  • Coars Focusing:
    5.2mm/rotation (torque adjustable)
  • Fine Focusing:
  • Magnification:
    12x-3,000x for observation
  • Scale:
  • Eyepiece Tube:
    UWTT, TT, TI, BT, BI
  • Guide:
    2 bearing guides
  • Eyepieces:
    10x, 12.5x ,15x
  • Cross-travel Range:
    156 x 154mm (6.1 x 6.1 in.)
  • Epi-illuminator:
    Universal Epi-illuminator 10
  • Coarse/fine selection:
    Manual switch on handle provided
  • Mirror Block:
    Accepts 2 cassettes. Total 5 cassettes, either brightfield, darkfield or fluorescence
  • Wafer Holders:
    3 - 6 in.
  • Aperture Diaphram:
    Centering function provided, pinhole available
  • Controller:
    (Built into main body) 1) Motorized nosepiece rotation buttons (OPTIPHO 150 only); 2) Light balancing switch (OPTIPHOT 150 only); 3) Light intensity volume
  • Field Diaphram:
    Centering function provided
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) and Weidth (approx.):
    40 x 507 x 613mm(15.7 x 20.0 x 24.5 in.);22kg (48.5lbs.)(with TI trinoc. body tube and 6 x 6 stage)
  • Filters:
    2 filters may be inserted simultaneously (ø25mm NCB11, ND2, ND4 and GIF available)
  • Power Supply:
    AC100-120V±10%, 50/60HzAC220-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Lamphouse:
    With lamp centering function, for 12V-50W halogen bulb as standard

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