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NIKON Eclipse LV150 Upright Metallurgical Microscope

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NEW! - Industrial and semiconductor reflected light microscope system for 6 inch wafer inspection and material science applications.
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Key Features

New Module Design
The modularity of the microscope provides the ability to design configurations suitable for individual application requirements by offering choices in the stage size (including Non-Nikon stages), epi-illumination systems including BF/DF and fluorescence, optical performance including improved UV transmission and cover glass correction, motorized or non-motorized nosepieces, and binocular, trinocular, or tilting trinocular eyepiece tubes.

New Extensive Range of Industrial Stages
Both a 3x2 stage and a 6x4 stage come with glass inserts making them both suitable for either Episcopic or Diascopic illumination techniques. The 3x2 stage can also accommodate an ESD plate or slide-glass holder. For larger sample sizes, a 6x6 stage is available. The 6x6 stage can also accommodate an ESD plate or Wafer Holder.

New Non-Nikon Stage Accommodation
use of non-Nikon stages such as the Suruga Seiki B23-60CR, in combination with the LV-Sub substage 2 accommodates sample thicknesses up to 116.5mm.

New Dia Base Unit for Diascopic Illumination
The LV DIA Dia Base is available for diascopic illumination suitable for OEM applications.

New Universal Epi-Illuminators for Reflected Light
Choice of brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing and DIC illumination or complex illumination techniques requiring epi-fluorescence UV excitation or UV polarizing. Illumination is achieved via a precentered 12V/50W lamphouse with output brightness equal to or higher than its predecessor 12V/100W lamphouse.

New CFI LU Plan Fluor and Plan Fluor BD Series Optics
In addition to the longer working distance and higher numeric apertures common to Nikon’s CFI60 optics, the transmission rate in the UV wavelength range has been improved with the new CFI LU Plan Fluor Series objectives. The CFI LU Plan Fluor BD Series objectives offer both an improved UV transmission rate and brightfield/darkfield application observation.

New CFI L Plan EPI CR Series Optics
In addition to the longer working distance and higher numeric apertures common to Nikon’s CFI60 optics, cover glass corrections can be made from 0mm up to 1.2mm with the 20X or 50X objectives and from 0mm up to 0.7mm or 0.6mm up to 1.3mm with the 100X objective.

New Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube
The Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube (erect image) offers comfort to all users regardless of their stature or viewing position and has an optical path changeover of 100:0/20:80 for simultaneous use with a monitor or Digital Camera System. A non-tilting trinocular and binocular eyepiece tube are also available.

Manual or Motorized Nosepieces
Manual nosepieces are available for Universal, Brightfield or Brightfield/Darkfield applications or for motorization requirements, an improved motorized universal quintuple nosepiece with separate controller are available.

Column Riser
For thicker samples, a 35mm column riser can be added to the microscopes main body providing a total sample height clearance of 82mm..

SD (Electro Static Design) Design
EAll parts of the microscope that might be touched, including the body, tube and stage, have been insulated to improve anti-contamination and reduce the effects of electrostatic discharge from harming your samples.

  • Main Body:
    (when configured with 3x2 stage/6x4 stage), 82mm with column riser, 116.5mm with Suruga Seiki B23-60CR stage; 12V/50W brightness control with built-in transformer.
  • Focusing Mechanism:
    Coaxial course/fine focus knob (left side: course/fine, right side: fine), Stroke 40mm, course 14.0mm/rotation (torque adjustable with refocusing mechanism), fine focusing 0.1mm/rotation (1mm/increments)
  • Nosepiece:
    C-N6 Nosepiece (brightfield, sextuple), L-NBD5 Nosepiece (bright/darkfield quintuple with flare prevention), L-NU5 Nosepiece (universal quintuple with flare prevention), LV-NU5A Nosepiece (motorized universal quintuple with flare prevention. Note: Requires an external nosepiece controller).
  • Episcopic-Illuminator (LV-U EPI):
    12V/50W high-intensity halogen lamp. Field (centerable) and aperture diaphragms synchronized with B/D changeover; insertable Ø25mm filters (NCB11, ND16, ND4); insertable Polarizer/Analyzer.
  • Episcopic Illuminator (LV-U EPI2):
    12V/50W high-intensity halogen lamp. An optional mountable 120W high-intensity mercury-fiber illuminator with brightness control (no centering necessary); Centerable field and aperture diaphragms synchronized with B/D changeover; insertable Ø25mm filters (NCB11, ND16, ND4); insertable Polarizer/Analyzer/I plate, and an insertable excitation balancer.
  • Eyepiece Tube:
    LV-TI3 Trinocular (erect image, F.O.V. 22mm/25mm), LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular (erect image, F.O.V. 22mm/25mm), Y-TF Trinocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22mm/25mm), Y-TB Binocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22mm), C-TE Tilting Binocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22mm).
  • Stage:
    LV-S32 3x2 Stage (stroke: 75x50mm including glass plate), ESD-applied(excluding glass plate); LV-S64 6x4 Stage (stroke: 150x100mm including glass plate), ESD-applied (excluding glass plate); LV-S6 6x6 Stage (stroke: 150x150mm; only for episcopic illumination).
  • Eyepieces:
    CFI eyepiece lens series
  • Objectives:
    CFI 60 series
  • Power Consumption:
  • Weight:
    Approx. 8.6Kg (18.9 lbs).
  • Electrostatic Decay Time:
    1000 - 10V, within 0.2 sec

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